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Silicone Tubing Quick Disconnects


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  • Barbed Quick Disconnects
  • Auto Shutoff when disconnected
  • Come as a set (1 Male + 1 Female)
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Silicone Tubing Quick Disconnects
  • White Acetal with Buna-N O-rings
  • 316 SS Spring & Latch
  • Stainless Steel Thumb Latch
  • Integrated Terminations for fewer leak points
  • Pressure rating: Vacuum to 120 Psi, 8.3 bar
  • Temperature Rating: -40°F to 180°F (-40°C to 82°C)
  • Clicks to assure a reliable connection
  • Meets FDA & USDA standards

Undeniably, Silicone Tubing Quick Disconnects are a fast and efficient way to disconnect pumps from chillers. To begin with, the disconnects stainless steel, shrouded, thumb latch allows users one handed connection and disconnection capabilities. The shrouding specifically protects against accidental disconnects. The Silicone Tubing Quick Disconnects also have spring loaded valves. As a result, they close immediately when disconnected. For that reason, glycol is prevented from spilling out during the disconnection process. The quick disconnects have a pressure rating of 120 psi. They also have a temperature rating of -40°F to 180°F (-40°C to 82°C).

Adapter Selections

The 3/8″ quick disconnect has fittings for use with the 3/8″ silicone tubing. Likewise, the 1/2″ quick disconnect has fittings for use with the 1/2″ silicone tubing.

Please Note: The “Silicone Tubing Quick Disconnect” is for use in between two pieces of spliced tubing. For this reason, you’ll need our single “Barbed Adapter Fitting”  to connect your tubing directly to your Glycol Pump and the other end of tubing to your Chiller.

  • The Standard Pump only uses the 3/8″ Barbed Adaptor Fitting, the 3/8″ Silicone Tubing and the 3/8″ Silicone Tubing Adaptor.
  • The XL Pump can use either the 3/8″ or the 1/2″ Barbed Adaptor Fitting, Silicone Tubing and the Silicone Tubing Quick Disconnect.

Because of fewer moving parts and a smooth contoured design, quick disconnects undoubtedly deliver an ease-of-use and excellent flow in a compact size.  On the whole, Integral terminations create fewer leak points and shorter assemblies which then allow for faster installations. Comparatively, Quick Disconnects are the go to product because of their ease of use and reliability.

Additional Accessories Available

Penguin Chillers offers a wide variety of accessories and support equipment for our chillers.

Accessories offered:

  • Water or Glycol pumps
  • Quick Disconnects
  • Vinyl or Silicone Tubing
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Pump Controller
  • Accessory Packages

American owned and operated, Penguin Chillers manufactures a variety of chillers in Knoxville, TN. Purchase your chiller directly from us and we will continue offering you quality service throughout the life of your unitIf you need liquid of any sort cooled, we’re here to help. Contact us at 

Penguin Chillers current applications: 

Drag Racing –  Brewing – Bait Tanks – Marine & Reef Tanks – Distilling – Lobster Tanks – Wineries – Hydroponics – Cold Therapy – Aquaponics – Lasers – Research Science – Electroplating – Computers – Printing Presses – Injection Molding – Milk/Butter/Candy/Pasta/Food Production – Extractions – Craft Soda – Hyperbaric Chambers – Waste Water Treatment – Welding – 3d Printing



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