July 4th Sale!

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Great Service beyond the PURCHASE.

I purchased a 1/2 HP chiller for my bait shop and it ended up having a problem. I notified the company and they sent the replacement part immediately. I love this chiller and it is fabulous. A company creates a reputation by it’s product and the quality, but it stays in business by following up and addressing issues AFTER the purchase. I would highly recommend this product & Company! You will not be disappointed.
Tammi Neuendorf


I can’t say enough about Eric from Penguin Chillers knowledge of glycol chillers. I’ve emailed back and forth with SS brewtech for 20 days only to have them reply that they are sorry, there is nothing else they can do to service the SS brewtech Unit. Eric saw my posts on a Facebook Group and asked if he (Penguin Chillers) could try and repair my broken chiller. He did this all out of goodwill and asked for nothing in return but the chance to see if he could fix the unit. Within the first day I received a picture showing exactly what the problem was. He ordered parts and today I received a video from Penguin Chillers showing the compressor kicking in and the unit starting to chill. I thought SS brewtech was top of the line equipment and that it should work for years or at least be repaired or replaced since we pay top dollar for it. SS Brewtechs “I’m sorry, there’s nothing else we can do” isn’t good customer service. 
Rob Holt


I run a 950 GPH pump 24/7. The active aqua 1/2 HP couldn’t keep my 125 gallon system below 75 degrees. The Penguin Chiller keeps it exactly where you set it and has for over a year now. Best value out there for chillers hands down. Thank you!!!
Bill M.

It’s working great so far!

We are using a 1 HP Penguin Chiller to chill water on a BIG industrial printing press. It’s working great so far! Herald Printing and Graphics www.heraldpg.com
Jim Hill


I got my 1hp chiller up and running, set at the bait man’s recommended 52 degrees. Minnow fatalities went from 50-60 per day to maybe 1or 2. I am amazed at the quietness of operation and ease of installation. This has been one of my smarter infrastructure buys. Thanks for your help and patience with my questions. You have a great product and more folks need to be made aware how simple they are to get chilling. My bait wholesaler has asked me if I mind if he tells other bait retailers about the unit and the success I have had with it. I told him no problem.
John Beder

Great for Hydroponics!

I own a hydroponic system and have tried numerous chillers. My Penguin Chiller keeps the water temperature at 67 degrees constantly. This is the best Chiller I’ve ever owned.
TJ Williams

Satisfied Customer!

I want to tell you that we are very impressed with the performance of the 1/2 HP Penguin Chiller. We are using it to chill and maintain our 110g Lobster Tank and maintain 50 degrees fahrenheit. It only cycles about 10-15% because of the insulation in the tank. It runs so quiet and efficient. This Penguin Chiller was the answer for a difficult location install. Wishing you much success.
Carl Johnson

No comparison! your chillers out perform.

We opened using SS Brewtech chillers and purchased a Penguin Chiller for our last expansion. No Comparison! Your chillers out perform. Looking forward to our latest edition.
Tim Whaler

Running flawlessly for over a year now!

I had a chiller go out on my 50 gallon Sea Water vision tank so I called Penguin Chillers Customer Support. After talking with them I knew this was the company to do business with. I replaced my broken chiller with their 1/2 HP Water Chiller. It was a bit larger because of the case it’s in and inlet outlet orientation so I just added a 2×4 frame where the doors go and reattached them. Its perfect and it has been running flawlessly for over a year now and was half the price of a replacement chiller from Sea Water.
Mike Chappell

Great Customer Service!

The folks at Penguin are not just into selling chilling machines, they are there to help you with any service issues also. I sent one in for a minor wiring issue and called them to see if it had arrived. They were already CALLING ME to send it back fully repaired!! I was amazed at the speedy turnaround and the helpful nature of everyone I was in contact with. Anna and Eric are my main contacts and they will not disappoint. Service after the sale with this dedication is a very big factor in choosing Penguin Chillers for my bait biz! Thanks guys and keep it up!!!
John B

Best Customer Service!

I had purchased another chiller before buying from Penguin Chillers. That chiller could not withstand the work load I put on it. After researching I found Penguin Chillers and purchased my first 1 HP Chiller from them. The performance was so good that I purchased a second one to increase my efficiency. They have gone above and beyond to help with the issues I was having with anodizing and chilling. They worked diligently to find the materials that could withstand the heavy duty work of anodizing. They respond very quickly and care about their customers satisfaction. I highly recommend Penguin Chillers and will continue to purchase from them in the future.
Russell Johnson


I originally purchased the Penguin Chiller to support a 180 gallon reef aquarium; a year later when I upgraded that to 400 gallons I used that same chiller. The unit had a small leak because a part failed, after contacting the tech at Penguin I received a replacement part in a timely manner and the units has been supporting the reefs for over 4 years with no additional issues. I would recommend purchasing this unit for the cost, service and dependability. As the unit sits in my office the only negative is the noise when it runs, which is definitely more during the summer months.
Kevin C Parker


I own a live lobster business and searched for months to find a company that I could trust. I feel very lucky to have found Penguin Chillers. I was treated like my business mattered. I was given great customer support as they explained to me what I needed to cool my tanks down. They explained everything in great detail. This is a real American company, the way it used to be! I will do business with Penguin Chillers ONLY from now on. They saved my lobsters and saved my business, just in time for the 4th of July. Awesome. www.thelobstahshack.com
Brett Fletcher