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Propylene Glycol


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  • 100% Propylene Glycol
  • USP Certified
  • Food Grade
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Propylene Glycol
  • 100% Propylene Glycol 
  • USP Certified 
  • Food Grade
  • 1 Gallon or 2 Gallon Case

United States Pharmacopeia, USP, is the official standard setting authority for medicines, supplements and health care products in the United States. Glycol carrying the USP Grade provides an assurance that the product is approved for Food Applications. Penguin Chillers Propylene Glycol is produced using the highest quality making it perfect for brewing and for use around food or food related products.

Recommended Glycol Mix

We recommend using a 35% – 40% glycol to water mix.   Depending upon the application (desired operating temp/freeze point) you can use any combination of water to glycol mix ratio that you prefer. However, it’s a standard practice for brewing applications to use a 35% to 40% mix ratio.


Mixing Example:

1 Gallon of Glycol + 1.75 Gallon of Water = 2.75gal of 36.3% Glycol Mix.


1 Gallon of Glycol + 1.5 Gallon of Water = 2.5gal of 40% Glycol Mix.

Additional Accessories Available

Penguin Chillers offers a wide variety of accessories and support equipment for our chillers.

Accessories offered:

  • Water or Glycol pumps
  • Quick Disconnects
  • Vinyl or Silicone Tubing
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Pump Controller
  • Accessory Packages

American owned and operated, Penguin Chillers manufactures a variety of chillers in Knoxville, TN. Purchase your chiller directly from us and we will continue offering you quality service throughout the life of your unitIf you need liquid of any sort cooled, we’re here to help. Contact us at 

Penguin Chillers current applications:

Drag Racing –  Brewing – Bait Tanks – Marine & Reef Tanks – Distilling – Lobster Tanks – Wineries – Hydroponics – Cold Therapy – Aquaponics – Lasers – Research Science – Electroplating – Computers – Printing Presses – Injection Molding – Milk/Butter/Candy/Pasta/Food Production – Extractions – Craft Soda – Hyperbaric Chambers – Waste Water Treatment – Welding – 3d Printing



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