I can’t say enough about Eric from Penguin Chillers knowledge of glycol chillers. I’ve emailed back and forth with SS brewtech for 20 days only to have them reply that they are sorry, there is nothing else they can do to service the SS brewtech Unit. Eric saw my posts on a Facebook Group and asked if he (Penguin Chillers) could try and repair my broken chiller. He did this all out of goodwill and asked for nothing in return but the chance to see if he could fix the unit. Within the first day I received a picture showing exactly what the problem was. He ordered parts and today I received a video from Penguin Chillers showing the compressor kicking in and the unit starting to chill. I thought SS brewtech was top of the line equipment and that it should work for years or at least be repaired or replaced since we pay top dollar for it. SS Brewtechs “I’m sorry, there’s nothing else we can do” isn’t good customer service.