Transmission Chiller

Coming Soon!

The Fastest… Coldest…
Transmission Chiller  you’ve ever seen!
  • Prototype is still in testing
  • Early results are promising
  • 1 Year Product Warranty
  • Proudly Made in the USA

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Penguin Chillers New

The Motorsport Transmission Chiller prototype is still in testing with promising results! We have partnered with a select group of professional motorsport drivers to test the performance of this unit. All teams have experienced better results using our new Transmission Chiller than the coolers they are currently using. Because being “slightly better” isn’t our goal, we won’t settle for anything less than jaw dropping, “shut up and take my money” performance from a Penguin Chillers product. Therefore, our product testing continues as we can work to get it right on the money at product launch!

More details coming soon, feel free to contact us if you are interested in one of the new chillers when we officially launch.

American owned and operated, Penguin Chillers manufactures a variety of chillers in Knoxville, TN. Purchase your chiller directly from us and we will continue offering you quality service throughout the life of your unitIf you need liquid of any sort cooled, we’re here to help. Contact us at 

Penguin Chillers current applications: 

Drag Racing –  Brewing – Bait Tanks – Marine & Reef Tanks – Distilling – Lobster Tanks – Wineries – Hydroponics – Cold Therapy – Aquaponics – Lasers – Research Science – Electroplating – Computers – Printing Presses – Injection Molding – Milk/Butter/Candy/Pasta/Food Production – Extractions – Craft Soda – Hyperbaric Chambers – Waste Water Treatment – Welding – 3d Printing



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