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Glycol Chiller Accessory Package


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  • One Glycol Pump
  • One Glycol Pump Controller (Wi-Fi)
  • Four Quick Disconnects
  • 15′ to 45′ Silicone Tubing
  • 1 or 2 Gallons of Glycol (optional)
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Glycol Chiller Accessory Package
  • One Submersible Glycol Pump (Standard or XL)
  • One Pump Controller – Wifi enabled
  • 15′ to 45′ of silicone tubing (3/8″ or 1/2″)
  • 4 sets of Quick Disconnects (compatible with tubing size chosen in package)
  • One or Two Gallons of Food Grade USP certified 100% Glycol (optional)

This Glycol Chiller Accessory Package offers our most commonly purchased accessories bundled together at a 10% discount. Each Glycol Chiller Accessory Package comes with one submersible Glycol Pump (Standard or XL), one Pump Controller – Wifi enabled, 15′ to 45′ feet of silicone tubing (3/8″ or 1/2″) and 4 sets of Quick Disconnects (compatible with tubing size chosen). One or Two Gallons of Food Grade USP certified 100% Glycol is also an option that you can add to your package.

You will need one Glycol Chiller Accessory Package for each fermenter in your set up. Simply add additional accessory packages to your cart equal to the number of fermenters you are using. We prefer to ship tubing to you in a single piece up to 150 feet. Therefore, if you need more tubing, you can add the extra length to your cart under “Tubing” or click HERE to make your tubing length selection.  

Notes for ordering Glycol and multiple accessories packages:

Glycol is listed as an optional add on because you may not need 1or 2 gallons of glycol for each accessory package you plan to purchase.

Example: If you want 4 accessory packages, but only 2 gallons of glycol:

  • add 1 accessory package to your cart with the 2 gallons of glycol
  • and add 3 accessory packages without glycol.
Notes for ordering Tubing:
  • When ordering multiple segments of silicone tubing we will attempt to supply your entire order in a single length.
  • For example, if you order 2 accessory packages (25′ each) we will attempt to provide 50′ in one segment.
  • If you purchase an accessory package plus an additional silicone tubing under “Tubing” we will attempt to provide the sum of all tubing in one segment.
  • Please note: that orders over 150 feet may come in multiple pieces.

American owned and operated, Penguin Chillers manufactures a variety of chillers in Knoxville, TN. Purchase your chiller directly from us and we will continue offering you quality service throughout the life of your unitIf you need liquid of any sort cooled, we’re here to help. Contact us at 

Penguin Chillers current applications: 

Drag Racing –  Brewing – Bait Tanks – Marine & Reef Tanks – Distilling – Lobster Tanks – Wineries – Hydroponics – Cold Therapy – Aquaponics – Lasers – Research Science – Electroplating – Computers – Printing Presses – Injection Molding – Milk/Butter/Candy/Pasta/Food Production – Extractions – Craft Soda – Hyperbaric Chambers – Waste Water Treatment – Welding – 3d Printing



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